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Advanced cardiovascular imaging










Beaumont, Royal Oak, was the first in the world to install an MRI unit dedicated solely to the heart. Royal Oak , Troy, Grosse Pointe and West Bloomfield also offer leading edge 3-D Cardiac CT scan technology that detects coronary artery disease earlier than traditional methods.

Our move to advanced cardiac imaging is based in part on research done at the Ministrelli Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging at Beaumont that showed Cardiac CT of the coronary arteries leads to faster diagnosis of patients with acute chest pain. The use of multi-slice CT has reduced diagnosis time and lowered costs. Research also shows that Cardiac CT scans are nearly as reliable as traditional cardiac catheterization in detecting arterial blockages.

Applying advanced cardiovascular imaging may lead to reduced diagnostic times, lower costs and more-efficient use of hospital resources. Beaumont cardiologists interpret cardiovascular imaging scans every day of the week, a service that is still unique in the world.

The following advanced cardiovascular imaging services are offered:

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